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with Advanced Sports Chiropractic and AMIT Therapy



Muscle Inhibition is Holding You Back


Every person has inhibited (shut down) muscles that prevent them from performing and feeling their best.

Don’t let this keep you from achieving your goals.

We use AMIT therapy to reactivate your muscles, giving you immediate performance gains without any additional effort. 


Improve Function 

Through AMIT therapy, you regain proper joint and muscle function, returning your body to full performance.


Boost Performance

Experience an immediate increase in strength after a single AMIT muscle treatment session.


Resolve Pain

Reduce or eliminate pain without surgery or medication! We identify the root cause of your pain, and then fix what is causing it.


Pain Free Process


We created this simple process to help you thrive. 

1. Schedule Initial Exam
2. Receive Treatment
3. Experience Immediate Results


Proven Process

David 265.png
My vertical increased from 32 to 37 inches and my 60 Yard Dash improved by .25 seconds! AMIT helped me achieve D1 performance levels
— David (High School Athlete)
I didn’t know AMIT could help me this much…Dr. V helped me achieve more than ever before!
— Megan (Obstacle Course Racer)
Totally worth it…I was facing a medical discharge after 6 months of physical therapy…AMIT saved my military career!
— Nick (Active Military)

Immediate Results Guaranteed!


How AMIT Works

Female Spine.jpg

After an injury or trauma, your muscle deactivates 

Once muscles have been inhibited in this way, they typically stay inhibited creating weakness, muscle imbalances, and areas of instability throughout the body.


Other muscles compensate leading to pain and future injury

Based on these patterns of muscle imbalance, we can define which areas of your body are unstable and identify the root cause of your problems to predict where you will most likely experience future injury…if not treated.

Skeleton Joints.jpg

We reactive these muscles using the Advanced Muscle Integration Technique (AMIT)

By integrating knowledge from the fields of Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Physical Therapy, Nutrition and others, we are able to re-activate these muscles. This will restore proper function to your body, remove pain, and prevent future injury.